Trust Deficit Between the US and China says Chinese Leader

Chinese Vice Foreign Minister Cui Tiankai

In remarks made in a speech on Monday the Chinese Vice Foreign Minister Cui Tiankai said that there is now a “trust deficit” between Washington, DC and Beijing, but he continued to say that he hopes the upcoming visit of the soon-to-be leader of China to the US next week will help foster better relations.

Fight Over UN Resolution on Syria

The speech was a response to the disagreement which now exists between China and the US regarding China’s decision to veto a United Nations Resolution concerning the bloody uprising now underway in Syria.

"There is indeed a trust deficit between China and the United States,"

Cui said in a speech on Monday and published on the foreign ministry website Tuesday.

"Each time the Sino-US relationship has problems; there are voices that fundamentally doubt the relationship."

"Nurturing and deepening mutual trust remains a major issue that both sides must give full attention to and seriously address," added Cui.

New Leadership in China Offers Hope

The current vice president of China, Xi Jinping will arrive in the US next Monday. It is expected that President Obama and his administration will try to win-over the leader-in-waiting, a man of whom not much is known about in Washington.

Xi Jinping’s visit comes on the heels of strong criticism by Secretary of State Hillary Clinton of China’s position on the UN Security Council resolution which condemns Syria for brutal violence against protestors there. Clinton called China’s veto a “travesty” of justice.

Cui also said that Xi, who is most likely going to take over leadership of China from the current President Hu Jintao during a major transition of power beginning this year, could help forge better relations between the world’s two largest economies, and improve trust between them.

"We hope both sides can seize the opportunity of this visit to strengthen communication, enhance mutual trust, expand cooperation, deepen friendship, and push forward the Sino-US partnership,"

Cui said in a speech delivered Monday in Shanghai.

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