Pennsylvania Poll Puts Clinton Ahead by Ten Points

Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton. Photos by: BU Rob13 and Gage Skidmore
Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton. Photos by: BU Rob13 and Gage Skidmore

More than one week has passed since the memorable debate between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump, and Clinton’s purported win of that debate seems to be translating into ratings in some polls.

A new Monmouth University poll shows Clinton would win 50 percent of the vote in Pennsylvania if the election was held now, while Trump would only be able to muster about 40 percent of voters to support him. Gary Johnson would snag 5 percent, Jill Stein 2 percent, and there are still 2 percent undecided.

Clinton is doing much better among her Democratic support base than Trump is doing among his fellow Republican. Clinton has 90 percent of the Democrats behind her, while Trump only has 75 percent of the Republican voters backing him.

Among white voters there is barely a preference, with 46 percent for Clinton and 45 percent for Trump. Clinton is gaining the female vote, with 55 percent saying they will vote for her, while only 35 percent of women are inclined towards Trump.
Trumps firmest demographic of support is among white men, 57 percent of which say they are going to vote for him. Only 35 percent of white men prefer Clinton.

Pennsylvania is one among several swing states that seems to be leaning towards Clinton. She is experiencing increased support in Colorado and North Carolina. A Elon University poll gave Clinton a 6-point lead over Trump in North Carolina.

Gail Nussbaum

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