Beware of the Pigskin Fines in Los Angeles

Well, isn’t that a relief.  Tax payers in Los Angeles County should be so happy to hear where city officials have been spending their time. Rather than worrying about crime, they’ve been focusing on the beach.

The Board of Supervisors in Los Angeles County agreed this week to raise the fines for anyone who dares throw a football or Frisbee on any beaches in the County.  And the price of the new fine? $1000.  The updated rules, in the 37 page ordinance that passed on Tuesday, prohibit “any person to cast, toss, throw, kick or roll” anything other than a beach ball or volleyball on or over a beach.

Now, interestingly enough,  you can still throw the pigskin from Labor Day until Memorial Day – just don’t do so during the most crowded time of the year.

The point, of course, is to prevent potential harm to people on the beach.

But wait – there’s more. In perfect L.A. fashion, you’ll also be fined big bucks for digging holes in the sand that are deeper than 18 inches.  Well, that is, unless you’re a film and TV crew who needs to do so for production! Now that seems to be a case of misplaced priorities.


Dan Kazan

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