Typo Puts Wrong Man in Office

Sometimes little blunders can have large consequences. That was the case recently in Derby, Connecticut when a man who wasn’t running for office won a seat on the 10-member Board of Apportionment and Taxation. This organization overseas Derby’s finances, and they’re facing quite a mess on their hands.

The Right Man

72 year old James R. Butler was nominated for the position by the Democratic Town Committee to continue for a second, two-year term. What happened, instead, is that, due to a typo, his son, James J. Butler racked in the votes.

Tom Szewczyk, the Republican Town Committee Chairman has sent a letter to Derby Town Clerk Laura Wabno urging her and the local Democrats to notice the obvious mistake and to fix it.

Watch Those Typos

In an embarrassing situation that could easily have been avoided, Laura Wabno explained that,

“The error was made in the caucus back in July and nobody picked up on it.”

Trying to Find a Way Out

Local officials are supposed to take office on December 3rd, and no specific way out has been found yet to correct the typo and subsequent election results. James R. Butler has assured the people that his son is not, in any way, interested in taking on the office. Tom Szewczyk has said that, should they swear in the younger Butler and then have him resign to let his father take the post, it would violate Connecticut State’s election laws.

Danielle Stoneman

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