NFL Hires Natalie Ravitz as SVP of Communications

UPDATED: October 27, 2016

The public relations division of the NFL recently hired another veteran from the world of communications:   320px-Wikiproject_NFL_logo.svgNatalie Ravitz. Named in early May to be the senior vice president of communications for the National Football League, Ravitz joins Joe Lockhart who was hired by the NFL in January to be the executive vice president of communications. Lockhart is a former White House press secretary under Bill Clinton.

Ravitz is a communications expert who has a great deal of experience in the political realm. Ravitz worked for California Senator Barbara Boxer as speechwriter and press secretary until she was promoted to be Boxer’s communications director.

More recently Ravitz was Ruport Murdoch’s chief of staff at News Corp, advising Murdoch on key issues effecting his worldwide companies. She also worked for the former mayor of New York City, Michael Bloomberg.

Together Lockhart and Ravitz make a formidable communications team. Ravitz will be based in the New York Headquarters of the NFL where she will “oversee the league’s communications and media strategy.”

UPDATE (October 27, 2016): Ravitz has been quite busy of late, with the NFL coming under fire for numerous issues. Luckily for the NFL, it seems that they have snagged a good one in Natalie Ravitz, as she’s handled each situation quite well in my opinion. We’ll continue to see how this unfolds moving forward!

Gail Nussbaum

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