Democratic Women Voting Early in Battleground States

Women are voting early in swing states
Women are voting early in swing states. Photo courtesy of the League of Women Voters and Jo Alcock.

In three US states that can go either way, women have been voting early in numbers out of proportion to the number of women voters overall. Those states are North Carolina, Georgia and Florida. North Carolina is showing a particularly strong turn-out in early voting data for women registered as Democrats.

In North Carolina, which has detailed data on early voting habits, 87,000 Democratic women have already voted. Compare that with just 60,000 women of the Republican party. This phenomenon has not effect men in the state, however. About 52,000 men of the Democratic persuasion have already cast their vote, while 50,000 Republican men have done the same.

In Florida, the trend is the same, although a bit less dramatic. About 55 percent of the 880,000 people that have already cast their ballots are women, even though only 53 percent of the state’s registered voters are women.

In Georgia women are also showing a similar preference: Clinton is leading Trump there by 5 percentage points with early voters even though Trump has a slight lead among likely voters. This is after there was a noticeable increase in early voting among women.

“I could see, the week following the first debate, the percentage of women requesting ballots increased in both North Carolina and Georgia,” said Michael McDonald, an early vote expert who runs the United States Elections Project.

Gail Nussbaum

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