Los Angeles Based Barrett Wissman Brings Culture to the People

Tuscan Sun Festival
Tuscan Sun Festival

One would not necessarily expect a Los Angeles based entrepreneur like Barrett Wissman to be igniting a Renaissance in the classic art forms, but he most certainly is. Called by some the “Medici of the 21st century,” Wissman began his quest with a simple idea, to “convey a new meaning for performance arts.”

As a business visionary and a patron of the arts, Barrett Wissman is perfectly appointed to lead what can be called a “paradigm shift” in what has essentially become a performing arts monopoly held by a few bottom-line motivated moguls cheapening the world of art.

As Gulf Elite explained, “With 500 artists, 200 specialists, 30 years of experience, 10 offices, 6 divisions, 5 continents, Barrett invested time and effort into turning the company from a one among many to a leading player in the performance art scene. The story doesn’t end here. Barrett Wissman helped turn IMG artists into a comprehensive one stop shop firm for art. Among the services IMG put in place are Ballets, events planning and recently the world’s largest fireworks celebration in Dubai. IMG manages some of the greatest companies spanning across the discipline, from the grand Bolshoi Ballet and National Ballet of Canada to the innovative LA Dance Compnany, Gallim and Ballet Black. IMG also books and manages tours for the world’s most prestigious orchestras and ensembles including the Vienna Philharmonic, The Cleveland orchestra and the London symphony orchestra.”

Wissman sees “innovation as differentiation,” and implemented his dream of promoting higher arts and world class performances as universal. He decided early on that the best way to achieve this was through the creation of an arts festival. Choosing the smaller, off-the-beaten-path location of Tuscany, Wissman parleyed a small performance in an abandoned 18th century opera house into what became the internationally recognized “Tuscan Sun Festival.”

The success of the Tuscan Sun Festival brought Wissman acclaim, and within a short period of time he was in demand to help promote similar festivals in other locales. In Northern California Wissman’s involvement helped launch the Napa Valley Festival del Sole, a frenetic embrace of high-class performance art in a pastoral, magical setting.

Barrett Wissman is also the force behind IMG, a Los Angeles, California-based entertainment and media agency. Under the leadership of Wissman IMG has been organizing events around the world. Through IMG Wissman planned the world’s largest fireworks display in Dubai, manages the Bolshoi Ballet and the innovative Los Angeles Dance Company.

As the “Medici of the 21st century” Wissman has this to say:

“One has to lead when doing something important. No matter what your job is, no matter what your work is, you have to lead.”

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