Buildings: Smarter, More Efficient, Healthier

In an attempt to make buildings more efficient, smarter and offer a healthier environment for inhabitants, EIR Healthcare and Enlighted have created a merger. Dispersing smart sensors through lighting fixtures, data is captured and actionable insights can be gleaned.  This results in a transformation of the patient experience as well as a more efficient use of space, asset tracking and reduced operating and energy costs.

According to retired architect Moshe Victor Keinig:

“This really is the future of buildings, technology and healthcare all in one.  It reduces costs, lowers the carbon footprint and most  of all is better for health.  Plus, it increases the likelihood of people being able to stay in their own homes.”

As Grant Geiger, CEO of EIR Healthcare explained further:

 “Building a smart hospital doesn’t mean incorporating IoT technology haphazardly. With MedModular, we’re looking to integrate innovation into our manufacturing process that will help hospitals improve patient outcomes, from the construction design conception to day-to-day operation. Enlighted’s technology is key for us to reach long-range sustainability and allows EIR Healthcare to further increase efficiency while providing superior performance and innovation. Healthcare facilities are the third most energy- intensive facility in the United States. Anything we can do to help improve the efficiency will be a net benefit for us all. In addition, Enlighted’s applications provide granular data and insight into how the room is being used real-time, and what we can do to continue to optimize the hospital experience for patients.”

With this technology, healthcare facilities will work with greater efficient, and overall patient care will be enhanced.  “It’s amazing to think that just the way we choose to build can impact our health,” Keinig added.  Added to that is the economic savings and sustainability goals that are reached along the way.

Dan Kazan

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