Biden Says Ryan’s Presence Helps Clarify Romney’s Positions

Biden and Obama

Vice President Joe Biden commented for the first time on the appointment of Paul Ryan as Romney’s running mate, saying that he is happy that Romney chose a man whose positions are well defined and clear, making it easier for the electorate to make their choice.

“Now that Governor Romney has selected his running mate, those, those, those differences are even more stark,” Biden told 900 people in Durham, North Carolina where he was on the campaign trail. “The reason I say that, Congressman Ryan has given definition to the vague commitments that Romney’s been making.”

“His definition is, it's clear, Congressman Ryan and the congressional Republicans, as one person said, have already passed in the House what Governor Romney is promising to give the whole nation,” Biden added. “And ladies and gentlemen, we know, we know for certain, what I’ve been saying for a long time, there is no distinction; let’s get this straight, there is no distinction between what the Republican Congress has been proposing the last two years, actually the last four years, and what Governor Romney wants to do.”

“So let’s cut through all this. We’re running against, or they are running on, what the Republican Congress has been promoting for the past four years. And fundamentally, fundamentally, the American people have rejected” that proposal, said the vice president.

In response Ryan Williams, a Romney spokesman said that Biden’s words are the same old misplaced message that Romney has been saying is failing the country:

“Vice President Biden today doubled down on the same failed policies that have resulted in skyrocketing debt, higher taxes and record job losses,” said Williams. “Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan understand that our country is facing serious challenges that have been made worse by the Obama Administration’s big government agenda. The Romney-Ryan ticket will lay out a bold vision for our country and promote commonsense policies that will create jobs, help the middle class and turn around our struggling economy.”

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