White House Women Showing Support for Military

Yesterday, First Lady Michelle Obama and others went to a Marine base in North Carolina to show their support. She explained to the large crowd at the Camp Lejeune filed house that she and Jill Biden, the vice president’s wife, are promoting a new program to support military families and to build awareness about their sacrifices.

Brag About Yourselves, Says Obama

As Obama explained, “Military families are so good at keeping everything together that it’s almost like you’re wearing camouflage even though you are not the ones on the battlefield. That’s why we are here today.” Obama pushed the military spouses of those deployed to brag about themselves a bit more so that others see all of the sacrifices they make.

Jill Biden Lends Support

Jill Biden lent her support and empathy to the event, saying that she understands what military families experience. Her own son, Beau, was deployed to Iraq two and a half years ago. As Biden explained, “I’m very proud of him, but I also know how tough it can be when a family member is in a war zone thousands of miles away. I know how much you worry.”After the rally, Obama and Biden went to a baby shower that was put on for 40 pregnant military wives.Next, Obama and Biden are heading to San Antonio to meet with members of the Warrior and Family Support Center; they will then head to Denver to enjoy a baseball game with Colorado military families.

Spotlight on Military Families

All of this is intended to put the spotlight on military families and to promote the new effort called “Joining Forces.” This initiative is trying to drum up support for military families from all sectors of society. So far, for instance, Best Buy’s Geek Squad is teaching military families how to use technology so that they can stay connected with deployed loved ones while Sears and Wal-Mart are offering to transfer employees who are military spouses and need to move.

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