Sarah Palin Defending Governor Walker Against Sea of Protest

Sarah Palin, never the one to sit back and wait out a controversy, is at it again. On Saturday, Palin stood up for Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker at a tea party tax day rally. Last month, Republican Walker signed a bill into law that forces virtually all public workers to contribute more to their pensions and health care coverage. In essence, the law amounts to an average 8% pay cut and also strips workers of their right to collectively bargain for anything beyond wages.

Defending Walker

Walker has defended his actions, saying that the law is essential to help to balance a $3.6 billion hole in the state budget and to allow for other flexibilities. Democrats see is, instead, as a way to weaken unions.The bill and subsequent law have drawn national attention, as tens of thousands of people made their way to the Capitol to protest for weeks before the bill was passed, and minority Democrats in the state Senate even went to Illinois to try to block a vote in that chamber. Nevertheless, the Republicans eventually passed the plan and Walker signed the measure into law in early March.

Palin’s Words

Now, Palin, on Saturday, stood by Walker at the heated rally, saying, “Hey, folks! He’s trying to save your jobs and your pensions! Your governor did the right thing and you won! Your beautiful state won! And people still have their jobs!”When Palin came to the microphone, the tea party people cheered and the counter-demonstrators booed. Palin declared that she was proud of the Wisconsin conservatives who prevailed against the union “hatred and violence.” As Palin declared, “This is where the line has been drawn in the sand and I’m glad to stand with you in solidarity.”She then proceeded to attack President Barack Obama, saying that he was failing to control the nation’s growing debt, bringing the country into war in Libya and ignoring the rising gas prices.

Danielle Stoneman

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