UN Crucial to World Stability According to Susan Rice US Ambassador to UN

US Ambassador to the United Nations, Susan Rice, delivered the first of a series of speeches on Friday night in support of the United Nations. The first of these speeches was given at the World Affairs Council of Oregon in Portland. Ms. Rice’s main message was that the UN is a crucial organization in the maintenance of peace and stability around the world, and it is the obligation of the United States to support, rather than starve, this important body.

“The U.N. provides a real return on our tax dollars by bringing 192 countries together to share the cost of providing stability, vital aid and hope in the world’s most broken places,” Rice said during her speech.

Rice continued: “Because of the U.N., the world doesn’t look to America to solve every problem alone.  We’re far better off working to strengthen the U.N. than trying to starve it — and then having to choose between filling the void ourselves, or leaving real threats untended.”

Dan Kazan

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