Obama’s Hollywood Honeymoon Over

Once upon a time, about four years ago to be more exact, the rags to riches fairy tale of Obama’s startling rise to power won the hearts, minds and imaginations of the nation’s mythical personalities, our own Hollywood stars. Excited by the dream and the message of hope and change, Hollywood’s heartthrobs and power brokers on the left-liberal side of the political spectrum came out in swarms in support of Barack Obama for president.

Happily Ever After-NOT

Now that fairy tale seems to have ended, and not with “and they lived happily ever after.” For many in Hollywood are disappointed with the way the dream seems to be ending. Although the same stars that gave lots of their money in support of Obama four years ago will still vote for him this coming election, they will not be doing so with the same starry-eyed longing as they did four years ago, and without the same financial backing as well.

PFAW Disenchanted

The disappointment was felt keenly at Monday’s gathering in support of the advocacy organization “People for the American Way” which took place at the Beverly Wilshire hotel, and hosted by Alec Baldwin, where some of Hollywood’s most influential stars came together to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the PFAW.

One such disappointed soul was the founder of PFAW Norman Lear, a producer wielding much power in the halls of Hollywood.  In an interview last week Lear responded angrily just at the mention of Obama’s name:

“He can’t make up his mind about anything,” Mr Lear said. “He just vacillates. Like Democrats do generally.

“On taxes, he doesn’t take a strong stand. He can’t make up his mind about immigration. I don’t even know if he’s come clean on water-boarding or torture or any of those things,” added Lear.

Other celebrities had the following comments to make about Obama and his performance as president.

Matt Damon

Matt Damon is an Oscar winning actor as well as a liberal activist. He strongly supported Obama in 2008 and even campaigned for him in Florida. Recently, though, Damon has made his disappointment clear:

“He misinterpreted his mandate,” Damon said in March. “He’s doubled down on a lot of things.”

Robert Redford

In 2008 Robert Redford proclaimed that Obama was “What the country needs now.” This past July, however Redford accused Obama of not “rolling up his sleeves” on energy reforms.

Jon Stewart

Jon Stewart of the Daily Show admitted that he “thought he would do a better job.”

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