Goodbye Starbucks, Hello Obama Says Boggs

President Barack Obama will soon be enjoying as much Starbucks coffee as he could possibly want. Well, sort of. Starbucks general counsel and secretary Paula Boggs has announced that, as of April 2, she’ll be retiring from her current position to join the re-election campaign for Obama.

A Long Career

Since 2002, she has been with Starbucks. Boggs actually has quite a distinct and unusual background. In 1984 as a U.S. Army officer assigned to the Pentagon she began her legal career. She then became a staff attorney for the White House. In 1988 she left the service and became the assistant U.S. attorney in the Western district of Washington where she worked on prosecuting fraud and regulatory crimes.

She then worked as a trial lawyer from 1995 to 1997 in Seattle at Preston Gates & Ellis. from 1997-2002 she was an executive at Dell Computers before joining the Starbucks team.

On the side, Boggs is actually a singer and songwriter and is a voting member for the Grammy’s.

Connection to Obama

In 2010, Obama appointed Boggs to be part of the White House Council for Community Solutions, which is a task force on youth unemployment. Now, she will be working full-time to help Obama to reach his ultimate goal of re-election.

Danielle Stoneman

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