Transcendent Investments Management Working Locally and Globally

One of the key components to Transcendent Investments Management and its success is its ability to look at the housing market through both global and the local lenses.  Certainly, the US housing market isn’t one national market; rather it is a collection of many small, regional markets with their own ebbs and flows.

To create the stability that Transcendent Investments Management is able to achieve, in an often unstable real estate market, Jordan Kavana and his team use portfolio diversification. They utilize state-of-the-art technology that allows them to analyze each market individually and to notice changes in these markets. They are able to analyze, daily if not hourly, areas that have the most properties for sales, markets that are slowing, purchase prices as they change and more.

They also have hires on the ground in over 15 of the most attractive markets. They pinpoint neighborhoods within regions that are particularly desirable and purchase everything from individual homes to bulk properties.  With these transactions, they are able to then price and manage the resale or rental of these properties and to capitalize on the regional changes as they take place.

Dan Kazan

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