Romney Digging Own Hole as Campaign for President Gains Momentum

According to political commentator Lanny Davis, until recently Mitt Romney, the only Republican candidate believed to have any chance of challenging incumbent Barack Obama in next November’s presidential elections, actually had a good chance of defeating the president.

Davis explained that although he does believe Obama has done an excellent job as president considering the economic crisis he was saddled with from day one, nevertheless, if unemployment and other economic indicators did not improve by Election Day, Romney would have a fighting chance to defeat Obama on that day.

Now however, after several less than empathetic statements and a few flip-flops, Lanny Davis in convinced that Romney’s chances are heading south rapidly without a paddle.

For instance, at a recent speech Romney gave in Las Vegas he stated that he believed it would be a positive move to allow home foreclosures in the nation to reach “rock bottom.” He explained that this strategy would help the overall housing industry to recover, which might be the correct move according to market theory; the problem is that Nevada has the highest foreclosure rate of any state in the country, and it takes a special degree of insensitivity to make such a statement within earshot of the very people who are about to lose their homes.

As far as flip-flopping, that happened a mere few days ago. Originally, according to Davis, Romney supported Ohio Governor John Kasich’s law which forbids public employees from collective bargaining. After hearing that the public is in favor of- by 25 points- a referendum to repeal that law, Romney stated in Ohio two days ago that he never supported the law in the past, and has no particular opinion on the subject.

Polls seem to show that Lanny Davis is right about Obama’s reelection chances come 2012, even if the economy is still struggling. Davis is so sure he is right, that he challenged Sean Hannity to bet $1,000 that Obama will be chosen president, with the winnings going to the victor’s favorite charity.

Sean Hannity immediately agreed to the bet. Lanny Davis is now looking forward to a $1,000 donation to be awarded to a Washington, DC based charity called “So Others Might Eat,” come next November.

Dan Kazan

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