Stuxnet Computer Virus May Be Targeted at Iran Nuclear Plant

StuxnetIts not clear yet, but it seems more and more likely that Stuxnet, a highly advanced computer worm which targets Siemens AG software specifically designed to control industrial equipment, has purpose in its havoc that is unleashing and that is to destroy Iran’s controversial nuclear facility. As the days role on and Iran’s defense establishment has sent clear signals that it is reeling from Stuxnet.Financial Times has reported,citing security experts that Stuxnet, which spreads through holes in Microsoft Corp.’s Windows operating system, is the first aimed at destroying physical installations; it’s the work of a well financed, highly organized team, probably associated with a national government.Many experts are quietly pointing a finger at Israel or the US and claim Stuxnet maybe a first shot in a war against Iran’s nuclear ambitions.

Dan Kazan

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