Help is on the Way to Understanding New Health Reforms

Most Americans are confused, and rightly so, by the health reform laws.  A number of key provisions are scheduled for implementation now, and certain organizations are helping to make all of these reforms more understandable.  The Kaiser Family Foundation, for instance, just launched an online gateway which provides easy access to a myriad of resources about the health reform laws.The Health Reform Source ( offers explanations about the basics of the law, in-depth policy analysis and more.  Included at The Source is an animated short movie that helps to explain the health reform law to the American public as well.  This is available at  The movie covers three main aspects: it explains problems with the current health care system, it addressed the short-term changes that Americans will feel between now and 2014, and it discusses the major provisions that will take effect in 2014.Certainly, the Kaiser Family Foundation, a non-profit private operating foundation, has its own agenda.  Their online offerings, however, are a great new resource and one that can help many confused Americans to understand the upcoming healthcare changes in the American system.As the Kaiser Family Foundation President and CEO Drew Altman explained, “We will continue to update and expand the information we provide through the Health Reform Source as implementation ramps up over the next several years. The Source will be the place where people can go to understand how the new health law really works, and for the latest policy information from us and others.”

Janice Marks

Janice Marks – A retired nurse and home health care professional, Janice has written prolifically about the American health care system. As a writer for Left Justified focused on the current changes in the health care community, she weaves her professional background and expertise into her evaluation of the current health care issues facing the American government and people. Contact Janice at janicemarks(at)

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