Obama Campaign Raises Record Amount in September

Obama’s Take in September Surpassed All Previous Records

Surpassing any sum either Mitt Romney or Barack Obama has succeeded to raise in any one month so far in this hot campaign for the coveted presidential seat, the Obama re-election team tweeted on Saturday that they had raised $181 million in September.

“Some amazing news this morning: 1,825,813 people came together to raise $181 million for this campaign in September,” the @BarackObama account tweeted. “Of the 1,825,813 people who donated in September, 567,000 were new to this organization—not having given before in 2008 or 2012.”

This sum breaks all previous records for either candidate raised in one single month and is a sign that the liberal support base for Obama is worried that Romney is catching up, or that a previously dormant enthusiasm for Obama has sprouted new wings in the final stretch to the finish line only one month away.

Danielle Stoneman

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