Latin Feel for President Barack Obama

This week, President Obama hits Latin America with the first family, trying to stay upbeat in an area where American influences have been slipping. While in Chile on Monday, Mr. Obama said that old stereotypes of the region are being removed and the time for a new relationship has begun.

Latin America

He lavished praise on the people of Latin America, painting a picture of a future full of partnership and cooperation. He admitted that America has, at times, taken Latin America for granted but that he is pledging, “a new spirit of partnership with our Latin American neighbors.”

Economic Interests in Latin America

He pointed out the economic importance of Latin America, citing that America exports three times as much to Latin America as they do to China.


At the same time, he criticized Latin America for not combating inequality and corruption enough. He called on Cuba to focus on basic human rights more and to relinquish power to the many rather than concentrating it with the few.This is Obama’s first official trip to Latin America. Today, he flies to El Salvador to finish off his trip in the region.

Danielle Stoneman

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