Gorbachev Advises Juárez

Pedro Zaragoza pictured with Mikhail Gorbachev

Speaking to a full house of close to 2,000 people which included Pedro Zaragoza in the Paso del Norte Community Center in Juárez, Mexico, former president of the Soviet Union Michael Gorbachev warned that it is up to the people to end governmental problems by ridding themselves of the officials who are abusing the power the people bestowed upon them.

Gorbachev spoke about the problems which Russia faces today, which in many ways are similar to the problems faced by the people of Mexico. Stating that iniquitous behavior is a major social problem in Russia, Gorbachev said that the solution lies within the hands of Mexico’s young people.

During the question and answer session conducted after Gorbachev’s talk, Gorbachev was asked for advice on how to resolve the emergency situation which is now facing Mexico, and which is even worse in some areas like Juárez. Gorbachev stated that the hope of Mexico, just like in Russia, is with the young.

As he said, “I am sure that the role of young people will be decisive in this national battle to defeat the problems of the country, to meet the challenges they are facing, and do not despair or succumb to panic,” said the Nobel Peace Prize winning leader. Gorbachev emphasized that change is the responsibility of the country’s leadership.

Dan Kazan

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