US Official Condemns Copenhagen Shooting Spree

Swedish artist Lars Vilks (b. 1945)
Swedish artist Lars Vilks (b. 1945) photo by OlofE

Bernadette Meehan, spokeswoman for the US National Security Council, condemned the two-pronged attack which took place in Copenhagen, Denmark, on Saturday, calling it a “deplorable shooting.”

The attack began at a café where Lars Vilks, a Swedish artist who has faced death threats for his cartoons depicting Mohammad, organized a “free speech” discussion. Thirty bullet holes were found in the window of the Krudttoenden café. Three security personnel were hurt in the attack, while another person attending the event was killed.

Another attack followed only a few hours later and just a few miles away at a synagogue.  A gunman, who may or may not be the same shooter, attacked a gathering of people celebrating the coming of age of a 12 year-old girl at the Copenhagen synagogue.  Three people were hurt at this attack.

“We feel certain now that it is a politically motivated attack, and thereby it is a terrorist attack,” Danish Prime Minister Helle Thornin-Schmidt said of the cafe shooting.

Janice Marks

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