New Caucus Has All Eyes on TSA

A new national legislative caucus just emerged on April 14, 2011 via teleconference and video live streaming at http// Believing the federal Transportation Security Administration (TSA) has done too much to infringe upon individual and state rights, they created a caucus.

Caucus Organizers

The primary organizers of the caucus include Alaska State Representative Sharon Cissna and Washington State Senator Val Stevens. Republican and Democrat legislators from Alaska, Hawaii, Michigan, Montana, New Hampshire, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Texas and Washington. Each of these lawmakers is also involved at the state level creating legislation to curb excessive power by the TSA.

United States for Travel Freedom

The caucus, called the “United States for Travel Freedom” has its mission to “establish a centralized location to share information regarding” federal security policies about the right to travel freely and more. They are specifically looking at the constitutional rights of people, invasion of privacy and civil rights, child protection and fiscal issues.For years, many organizations have shown concern for operations of the TSA including its costs and its effectiveness (or lack of effectiveness). Now, this new caucus is getting into the act and is planning to put a much stronger spotlight on the workings of TSA.

Danielle Stoneman

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