Bi-Partisan Senate Support for Military Aid to Ukraine

Kelly Ayotte
Kelly Ayotte

A recent trip to Ukraine has made the number 2 Democrat in the Senate support military aid to that embattled country, after losing a piece of its land, the Crimea, to the giant in the east, Russia. Dick Durbin of Illinois appeared on “Face the Nation” on Sunday explaining that the Ukrainian military needs “everything from fuel to tires to sleeping bags to meals.”

“We’ve got to strengthen them and help them with advice and backing,” Senator Durbin said.

In full agreement is New Hampshire Republican Senator Kelly Ayotte, who voiced his opinion while visiting Ukraine. Ayotte said that the US should examine the options of sending communications equipment and other military items. She also mentioned that the US should consider placing sanctions on Russia’s entire financial sector.

“It’s so important that we take actions to deter further Russian aggression against the Ukrainian people,” said Ayotte, who is a member of the Senate Armed Services Committee.

Both senators fell short of supporting direct US military intervention. Ayotte said that as far as sending US troops, Ukrainians are not “asking for that.”

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