Schumer Backs Clinton in Possible 2016 Bid for Pres

Senator Charles Schumer of New York
Senator Charles Schumer of New York

Democratic Senator Charles Schumer of New York voiced his approval of the former First Lady and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton to run for the Presidency in the up and coming 2016 elections.

Schumer was at an Iowa dinner where he said that 2016 was “Hillary’s time.” The Jefferson Jackson dinner is a high-profile convocation which many Iowa activists attend and is closely watched.

Clinton has been in the limelight recently, making several public appearances, perhaps with the intention of seeing how she is accepted as a possible candidate. At the moment she seems to be the front runner.

Schumer emphasized that Clinton is the best hope for his party to fight off the tea party section of the Republican Party, repeatedly dismissing them in his speech.

“With a strong platform and with Hillary leading the charge, we will vanquish the Ted Cruz, tea party Republicans in 2016,” he said. “And create a generation of Democrats who will make sure the middle class gets what it needs, our country advances and the torch held by that beautiful lady in New York’s harbor burns more brightly than ever.”

Janice Marks

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