Swing State Excitement Directed at Romney

The latest Gallup poll seems to suggest that in swing states which are not yet inclined one way or the other for either of the candidates, that enthusiasm is swelling for Mitt Romney while apathy abounds for Obama.

June’s “swing-state” poll proffered that 47 percent of registered voters in the 12 swing states are inclined to vote for President Barack Obama in the upcoming elections, while 45 percent are in favor of Mitt Romney for president.

But numbers are not the whole story. Voters who support Romney, the Republican candidate, are much more likely to say that they feel “extremely enthusiastic” about casting their vote for Romney, by a margin of 31 percent versus 23 percent.

Asked another way similar results are seen, with 32 percent of Republicans and 25 percent of Democrats in swing states saying that they are “extremely enthusiastic” about their votes.

These results were not seen in the May USA Today/Gallup Swing States poll. In that poll both the backers of Romney and Obama expressed similar levels of enthusiasm.

In non-swing states Romney and Obama supporters express equal amounts of extreme and overall enthusiasm, and so do national Republicans and Democrats. It is possible to therefore conclude that the enthusiasm level of Romney supporters will only play a factor in swing states, and not on a general, national level.

Danielle Stoneman

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