Getting Ready for 2016: Romney Hosting Meeting of Minds and Men

Mitt Romney is planning a professional pow-wow this coming summer in Park City, Utah, inviting “experts and enthusiasts” from the worlds of politics and business. The meeting is expected to include possible presidential candidates in 2016, such as Chris Christie, the enigmatic New Jersey governor, and Paul D. Ryan, Romney’s former running mate.

The Los Angeles Times was able to see a copy of an email which was sent by Romney to his potential guests which stated Romney’s hopes to unite ““political, business and other thought leaders” at this convocation.

Romney’s email stated that the investment firm Solamere, co-founded by his son Tagg, and Spencer Zwick, Romney’s former campaign finance chairman, would be the sponsors of the event. Romney is the chairman of Solamere’s executive committee.

This is not Romney’s first venture into planning such an event. He has much experience creating similar gatherings for contributors to his campaign for president- for example a retreat which took place last June. At that event Romney brought together over 700 donors to Chateaux at Silver Lake in Deer Valley, Utah.

The email did not include the schedule of events which will be held at the conference, perhaps we can guess what is in store from the agenda of his 2012 event. At that gathering key Republicans attended, including former Florida Governor Jeb Bush, former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice, South Dakota Senator John Thune, Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal and Wisconsin Congressman Paul Ryan, who was later picked to be Romney’s choice for vice-president.

Romney Hosting Utah Event
Romney Hosting Utah Event

The 2012 conference featured panel discussions on foreign policy and business issues, subjects of interest to the guests at the gathering. This year’s event could be beneficial to Christie and Ryan as far as a possible run for president in 2016 is concerned. More important than the panel discussions will be the chance to meet some of Romney’s friends who could be persuaded to support a presidential bid by either of these contenders.

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