Republican Voters Turning Away from Trump, Turning Towards Cruz

Texas Republican Senator Ted Cruz
Texas Republican Senator Ted Cruz

According to the most recent Quinnipiac University national survey released last Tuesday, Donald Trump’s lead in the race for Republican presidential candidate is shrinking. Ted Cruz is catching up to Trump and now only 4 percentage points separates the front runner from the second place candidate.

Trump’s popularity since the last poll has remained essentially unchanged; rising one point from 27 to 28 percentage of Republican voters favoring him. Texas Senator Cruz, on the other hand, is making a challenge run, climbing from 16 percent to 24 percent.

Lagging behind in third place is the Senator from Florida, Marco Rubio with 12 percent, a drop of five points since November’s poll. Ben Carson’s campaign seems to also be losing steam. He now inhabits the fourth position with 10 percent. New Jersey Governor Chris Christie has 6 percent, which is the highest level of support he has mustered since last May. Jeb Bush takes the last place in this race, with 4 percent favoring him.

An additional 2 percent of voters liked other candidates, while 8 percent still have not made up their mind. The race is far from won, however, with 58 percent of Republican voters saying there is a good chance they could change their minds before primary day comes around in their own states.

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