Oracle’s Ellison Behind Rubio in a Big Way

Larry Ellison, Photo courtesy of Hartmann Studios
Larry Ellison, Photo courtesy of Hartmann Studios

High-tech businessman Larry Ellison donated a hefty $1 million to Marco Rubio’s super PAC in January, a substantial component of the total $2.5 million raised by the PAC last month.

Ellison is the executive chairman of Oracle. The billionaire has now brought his total support of Rubio to $4 million, an amount which raises him to one of the top donors so far in the 2016 election race for president.

The PAC, known as Conservative Solutions, spent close to $11 million in January on direct mail and advertisements which attacked Rubio’s main rival for the Republican nomination, Ted Cruz, and his former competitor, Chris Christie, who has since bowed out of the race.

By the end of January, the PAC still had money in the bank, but has continued to spend much of that money on more ads against Cruz, John Kasich and Jeb Bush. By January’s end there was $5.6 million left, and the PAC has spent $9.6 million on advertising since then.

Other donors supporting Rubio to a lesser, but still substantial degree were Harlan Crow, a Dallas real estate investor; Rich DeVos, a businessman from Michigan; and Art Pope, a department store mogul from North Carolina. Each of them gave $250,000.

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