Obama Promises to Consult with China and Russia Before Making Move on Iran

Obama, speaking during a trip to Hawaii on Sunday, declared that the United States is committed to ensuring that Iran does not achieve the ability to produce weapons via its nuclear program, and that both China and Russia share these objectives.

China and Russia Will be Consulted

Given this fact, Obama added that the US will consult with these super-powers when contemplating strategies which will achieve such a goal.

“We will be consulting with them carefully over the next several weeks to look at what other options we have available to us,”

Obama said at a press conference after the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation summit where he met with the leaders of China and Russia.

Not Ruling Out Non-Diplomatic Means

The president added that it his strong preference to resolve the issue using all the diplomatic avenues at our disposal, but that he also does not rule out other methods of reaching those objectives, reassuring listeners that he was not, “taking any options off the table.”

Alyssa Anderson

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