White House Firing Back at Birther Question

After taking the heat from Donald Trump for quite some time, Obama is finally firing back. Yesterday, a top Obama aide lashed out at Donald Trump and his relentless questioning about Obama’s citizenship and place of birth. On national television, White House senior adviser David Plouffe said, on ABC’s “This Week” that Donald Trump’s campaign for presidency is just a “sideshow.”

White House Response

He went on to say that Trump has “zero chance” of every residing in the White House. As Plouffe charged, “That’s not leadership. That’s kind of sideshow behavior.”Trump has been flirting with the idea of running for the 2012 GOP presidential nomination. His popularity has, as of late, been rising in the polls and he has revived the questions that plagued the Obama campaign before the 2008 elections. He is challenging Obama’s citizenship and questioning whether or not Obama is actually foreign born and ineligible to be the president.

Trump Moving Up in Polls

In a recent NBC/Wall Street Journal poll, Trump moved to second place in the nomination race among Republicans and first place among Tea Partiers. In response to these rising polls, Plouffe said, “I hope he keeps on rising because there’s zero chance that Donald Trump would ever be hired by the American people to do this job.”There were some Capitol Hill insiders who were surprised that Plouffe didn’t keep his cool. And, of course, Trump took the opportunity to fire back at Obama. Trump told The New York Post, “I know for a fact that I’m the one person [Obama] doesn’t want to run against, and his minion, Mr. Plouffe, is being all too obvious with his attack on only me and none of the other candidates.”This issue was already brought to the forefront of the Obama campaign for awhile in 2008, at which time Hawaiian officials vouched for Obama.

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