Michelle Obama : Practice What You Preach


Certainly, one would assume that The White House would at least try to practice what it preaches – or make it look like it does.  First Lady Michelle Obama is completely committed to her Let's Move! program, working with children to eradicate childhood obesity.

Gorging at Recent White House Dinner

And yet, for those dining at The White House on Sunday, the dinner for the nation's governors added up to more than 2000 calories; more than a person is supposed to eat in an entire day.  Obviously, The White House wants to help people who come to be wined and dined to enjoy their meal.  Shouldn't they, however, be setting an example for the millions of children that follow their lead?

Wholesome Food for Kids

Shouldn't they be eating something that remotely resembles the mandated meals that elementary school children are supposed to eat, according to Mrs. Obama's program.  The White House website, for instance, urges children to eat whole wheat products, unadorned vegetables, salad with low fat dressing and low fat cheeses, skim milk and the like.

But What About Adults?

The Governor's Dinner, in contrast, included a 12 oz Ribeye steak, creamed spinach, crab macaroni and cheese, a pear tart with ice cream and white wine.  As Keith Koffler pointed out in his recent blog about this point, a conservative estimate would have put the dinner at about 2250 calories for the average eater.

Michelle! You should be ashamed of yourself!

Dan Kazan

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