Michelle Obama Answers Santa Hotline Calls

Showing some cute holiday spirit, First Lady Michelle Obama spent some of her holiday time on Saturday answering children’s phone calls. The calls weren’t intended for her, however, but for Santa Claus.

NORAD has a program called the NORAD Tracks Santa program. Run through the North American Aerospace Defense Command, it has a live operations center for 25 hours around Christmas. During this time, more than 1200 volunteers answer phone calls and emails from children looking for Santa and from families around the world.

This year, as last year, Mrs. Obama decided to be part of the fun. As the First Lady said in a NORAD statement,

“It is wonderful to be part of this holiday tradition. I love answering calls from children who were anxious to learn where Santa was and when he would arrive at their home. I passed on to each child the current location of Santa and reminded them that he would come to their house only after they were in bed sleeping.”

When unknowing children called the center, Mrs. Obama answered by saying,

“Hello, this is First Lady Michelle Obama with NORAD Tracks Santa. How may I help you?”

Most children undoubtedly didn’t realize that they were getting an even more unique experience, perhaps, then a visit from Santa would be. While speaking to the children, Obama then gave them Santa’s exact location, according to the NORAD global Santa Tracker.

Now isn’t that a nice way to get into the Christmas spirit!

Danielle Stoneman

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