Kushners Hosted Tenth Anniversary Bash at Camp David

It’s the tenth anniversary of the marriage between the daughter of President Donald Trump, Ivanka, and Jared Kushner, and a celebration was had.

Exterior of Camp David lodge with swimming pool in foreground. Photo courtesy of Wikipedia.

The couple hosted a “big party with friends” at Camp David, personally paid for by the couple. President Trump is planning on spending the weekend with his daughter and son-in-law, who are both close advisors to the president.

Although the White Hose announced that “expenses at Camp David are covered by the family. Jared and Ivanka will be paying out of pocket,” the president tweeted that he was going to foot the bill for the party.

“Had a beautiful dinner last night at Camp David in celebration of the 10th Wedding Anniversary of Ivanka and Jared,” Trump wrote. “Attended by a small number of family and friends, it could not have been nicer. Camp David is a special place. Cost of the event will be totally paid for by me!”

Camp David might not have been the president’s first choice of venue for the event.

“Camp David is very rustic. It’s nice, you’d like it,” Trump said once. “You know how long you’d like it? For about 30 minutes.”

Nevertheless, the facility is a favorite place among First Families to host parties for their children. The Obama’s hosted birthday parties for their daughters Malia and Sasha there during his administration. So did the Clinton’s, for their daughter Chelsea. George H.W. Bush and his wife Barbara held a wedding for their daughter Dorothy at the site in 1992 when he was president.

Dan Kazan

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