Huckabee Defends Flat-Tax Proposal

1040 tax forms
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Speaking on “Fox News Sunday,” former governor of Arkansas Mike Huckabee explained why he believes a flat income tax rate would be the fairest to all tax payers, including, and especially for lower income families and individuals.

Expressing his belief that income inequality and fairness will become a hot issue during the Republican race for the presidential nomination, Huckabee criticized the Tax Policy Center. The Center stated that Huckabee’s proposal would indeed hurt the poorest wage-earners in America, but Huckabee denied this as true.

“That tax study is one that has been discredited,” Huckabee said.

His proposal would include what he called a “prebate, which untaxes people for their necessities,” he said, asserting:

“The poorest people end up coming out better.”

Huckabee has officially declared his intention to run for the GOP nomination. Other Republican candidates have also come up with proposals to reform the US income tax code, making it so simple for many people that they could fill out their taxes on a postcard. For instance, Ben Carson, a fellow contender for the GOP nomination and a retired neurosurgeon, has called for an across the board rate of 10 percent for all Americans.

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