Donald Trump: A Presidential Bid on the Horizon?

Get ready to hear from Donald Trump again. Soon, you’ll be able to have his new book, “Time to Get Tough” in your hands. And when you do, you’ll hear an earful about his presidential bid plans.

Trump’s New Book

In the new book, Trump threatens that he’s going to run for president next year if the Republicans can’t find a strong enough candidate to nominate. Trump actually reveals his net worth for the first time ever – and says that he’s ready to put a large amount of his $270 million in liquid assets directly into a presidential bid.

As Michael Cohen explained,

“He’s prepared to finance an independent run for president if he’s not satisfied with the Republican nominee.”

Trump spends a great deal of the time in his book blaming Obama for the American economy. He says that Obama has been spending his time “around the world apologizing for the country” and “playing nice with China.”

Hinting at a Bid

Mr. Cohen hints at Trump’s future presidential bid. As he said,

“This is a very political book.”

Cohen has let the press know that he’s doing the work necessary in case Trump does decide to go for the presidential bid. As Cohen said, “I already mapped out everything that has to be done to be an effective candidate and what we’d have to do to get on the ballot on all 50 states.”

He hinted that Trump wouldn’t run against Newt Gingrich, but he wouldn’t elaborate on which candidates would cause him to jump into the race.

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