Democrats Feeling the Heat Over Health Care Reforms

In this time of midterm elections, the Democrats are feeling the heat.  The White House, at this time, is planning to use the law’s six-month anniversary to highlight their health plan and to remind the general public about the benefits of their reforms.Democrats have packed the provisions, which kicked in on Thursday, as a “Patient’s Bill of Rights” and Obama spent Wednesday in Virginia with some of the plan’s beneficiaries.Obama’s goal now is to remind voters of the tangible benefits they’ll see from the health care overhaul, and to do so well before November elections.As Obama told community and religious leaders on a conference all last Tuesday, “When people better understand the Affordable Care Act, they’ll understand, I think, that this isn’t something being done to them but is something that’s really going to be valuable to them. The debate in Washington is over. The Affordable Care Act is now law.”True – the health care reform is now law.  However, with the midterm elections only six weeks away, most candidates are feeling the heat and are being asked to account for their vote in March about health care legislation.  In general, it’s the Democrats who are finding themselves on the defensive, which is not a position they expected to fill.

Janice Marks

Janice Marks – A retired nurse and home health care professional, Janice has written prolifically about the American health care system. As a writer for Left Justified focused on the current changes in the health care community, she weaves her professional background and expertise into her evaluation of the current health care issues facing the American government and people. Contact Janice at janicemarks(at)

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