US Marine Corporal Conner Lawry Disrespected…With Parking Tickets

US Marine Corporal Conner Lawry
photo provided by Conner Family

In recent tragic news, US Marine Corporal Conner Lawry was killed in Afghanistan on March 1st, 2012 during combat operations taking place in Helmand province. He served valiantly with the California-based 2nd Battalion, 11th Marine Regiment and was from the Chicago area.

Certainly, family and friends in this situation want to say goodbye – and they want to do so with understanding and respect from the government for whom he sacrificed his life.  Unfortunately, that was not to be on Friday, March 9th.  During the funeral procession for the fallen Marine, people pulled over in their cars and got out to pay tribute as the procession passed

When they returned to their vehicles, they were shocked to see that they had been ticketed.  It is unclear exactly how many drivers received tickets, but a few posted their outrage on Facebook when they returned home.  One person wrote, “Cash grabbing Chicago at its best” while another shared, “Talk about disrespect.

Mayor Rahm Emanuel, to his credit, quickly jumped into the fray, calling on parking enforcement to stop writing tickets, apologizing to those who were ticketed and voiding all tickets that were given in the vicinity during the time of the procession. As mayoral spokeswoman Sarah Hamilton explained to the Chicago-Sun Times, “When this was brought to the mayor’s attention, he was livid and immediately ordered the Department of Revenue to rescind the tickets.

Definitely a lapse in judgment by the parking officials.

Dan Kazan

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