Tyler Perry Studios Fundraiser Takes Inappropriate Turn

So much of our mistakes in life aren’t really due to what happens during an event – but to how we prepare, or fail to prepare, for that event. One would think that, if they didn’t want any profanity at an Obama fundraiser (which, of course, they shouldn’t want) then they might not invite singer Cee Lo Green to sing “F**K You.”  Really – is it that hard to conceptualize that he just might sing the real lyrics? Didn’t anyone consider reminding Cee Lo Green that he should sing the clean version of his song, which he sings often and which is just as entertaining as the original version?

All of this appears to be too much for Obama’s fundraising team, and they were left with their mouths agape at a recent fundraiser at the Tyler Perry Studios in Atlanta Georgia hosted by Tyler Perry.  While diners paid $500 a ticket to hear Obama speak, they first heard Cee Lo Green swear at them and flip them the bird.

After flipping off the audience, Green thought to ask,

“Can I curse in here?”

and then went ahead and did so before receiving an answer.  He sang, “Ain’t that some s**t.” When he was then reminded that, perhaps he didn’t want to swear in front of the President of the United States, he moved to his tamer “Forget You” lyrics while laughing.

Never one to miss an opportunity, however, the President managed to make light of the entire situation.  During another fundraiser that day, when someone’s cell phone rang and played a “Ludacris” song, the President said,

“Woah. Got some ‘Luda’ on there? I hope it’s the clean version.”

Way to stay on top of the ball and make light of a situation that certainly should never have occurred.

Dan Kazan

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