TV is Diversifying and the Public Approves

American television viewers are responding favorably to the increased diversity they are seeing on screen. The racial and ethnic diversity during the 2019-20 season was extremely satisfying according to the industry’s gatekeepers and audiences, according to a report released by UCLA.

Even with the pandemic, which halted most of television and film production, Hollywood hires grew increasingly more varied with more people of color — and women — taking on roles on and off-camera. Those shows that made the effort to include a wider range of voices, faces, and cultures in all elements—from writing to casting to production—had higher viewer engagement and ratings.

Across all platforms—streaming, cable, and broadcast—adult viewers (ages 18-49) topped for shows with a cast made up of mostly minority people (character roles and actors), according to the report.

Shows like Insecure with Issa Rae who created and stars in the comedy and the Watchmen miniseries with Regina King highlight the positive effects of diversity and inclusion; it makes sense for television, for business, and for the audience. The general American public, which is more diversified than ever before. Those tuned in to television want to see that variety reflected in their shows and movies.

Dan Kazan

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