Trotter Exits Race for Jackson’s Vacant House Seat

Donne Trotter
Donne Trotter

After being arrested for trying to bring a handgun through O’Hare airport security earlier this month, Democratic State Senator Donne Trotter’s campaign took a lethal blow. As a result of that faux pas, Trotter has withdrawn his candidacy to replace the former Congressional Representative Jesse Jackson, Jr.

Trotter was a key candidate in the special election to fill the empty seat left by Jackson when he resigned his seat in November for health reasons and in the face of a federal investigation for misuse of campaign funds.

Trotter said that he had forgotten all about the gun he was carrying when he went through airport security, because it is the gun he uses as a security guard and he simply did not think about it.

Still in the race for the Illinois seat is a large selection of candidates including former Democratic Representative Mel Reynolds, State Senator Toi Hutchinson and former state Representative Will Burns. The primary election is scheduled for February 26, 2013.

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