4th of July…Obama Style

Certainly, July 4th is a busy day for the President of the United States of America. Yesterday, Obama kept himself occupied hosting a barbecue and concert for military families on the White House South Lawn. They welcomed over 1200 guests from their White House balcony on Monday evening and then stood in the driveway and shook hands with those who visited.

Praising Military Families

In a speech to the military members and families, Obama said,

“You represent the latest in a long line of heroes who have served our country with honor, who have made incredible sacrifices to protect the freedoms that we all enjoy. You’ve done everything we could’ve asked of you.”

Festive Fun

The festive atmosphere included red, white and blue lanterns on the South Lawn, miniature American flags on the 50 tables across the yard, and more. The rock band Train, singer and songwriter Amos Lee and the U.S. Marine Band all offered the music for the celebration.Obama found time to Tweet to the American people, as well, saying, “Today we are celebrating our country, honoring our troops, and enjoying a little BBQ. From all of us at #Obama2012, have a wonderful Fourth.”

Danielle Stoneman

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