Spending Excess for Michelle Obama

Perhaps First Lady Michelle Obama would do well to take some lessons from others like Princess Kate about how to spend during difficult economic times. Michelle Obama has been getting into some hot water for her spending habits and her vacationing plans. As reported by The Daily Mail, she has apparently spend over $10 million tax dollars during the past year for her own and her family’s recreation.

The Tabs

This tab includes expensive massages, high quality alcohol and five star hotels, among other luxuries. Obama’s most recent vacation, for instance, to Martha’s Vineyard included the first couple arriving on two separate government jets within four hours of each other.Michelle has apparently taken 42 days of holidays this past year, which include a $375,000 break in Spain and a four-day ski trip to Vail, Colorado where she stayed at the Sebastian hotel for $2000 a night.

Connecting to the People More

The first family’s most recent trip to Martha’s Vineyard has included the rental of the Blue Heron Farm property at an estimated $50,000 a week. This spending, obviously, doesn’t sit well with the American public, many of whom are struggling to make ends meet. It might be time for Michelle to connect to the American people more and to pull back on her spending, as the Royal family in England has been doing now for awhile.

Danielle Stoneman

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