Singer Places Bets on Rubio Campaign

Paul Singer, Principal, Elliott Management, USA. Photo by World Economic Forum
Paul Singer, Principal, Elliott Management, USA. Photo by World Economic Forum

As the primaries approach closer and closer, some prominent donors are now picking their horses. Such is the case with Republican donor and investor, Paul Singer. The doubly-billioned billionaire is putting his money on Marco Rubio, the Florida senator who Singer believes is the only one of the Republican presidential wannabees that can “navigate this complex primary process, and still be in a position to defeat” the likely Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton.
Singer is one of the Republican Party’s most active donors, supporting causes and candidates during the past four years to the tune of some $16 million. He has also been busily recruiting fellow potential donors to Rubio’s side.
In a letter to dozens of possible donors Singer backed Rubio in the following manner:

“He is accustomed to thinking about American foreign policy as a responsible policy maker,” Singer wrote in a letter obtained by The New York Times, which first reported on Singer’s decision Friday evening. “He is ready to be an informed and assertive decision-maker.”

Both former Florida governor Jeb Bush and current New Jersey Governor Chris Christie hoped to get Singer to support them, but, apparently, were unsuccessful.

Gail Nussbaum

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