ShePAC Announces Condi Rice Appearance

ShePAC is making its presence known, having just debuted as an organization in February. Their main goal is to get conservative women elected and positioned well in office.  As they explain on their site, they have two main goals which are,

“(1.) To make contributions directly to the campaigns of principled conservative women running for federal office; and, (2.) To make expenditures on behalf of principled conservative women running for federal and statewide office.”

Now, they’ve just announced that Condoleezza Rice will headline their first-ever political fundraiser.  Sending out an email to supporters, they wrote that “Condi’s Coming to Washington.”

Rice will be the headline speaker at the Capitol Hill Club on June 25th and they are offering tickets from $250 to $50,000 a person. Called the “DC Kickoff Reception” they event is the first fundraiser for ShePAC which focuses on supporting, honoring and electing Republican women.

Certainly, the appearance of Condoleezza Rice is interesting, as she’s been mentioned as a potential vice-president candidate for Mitt Romney’s ticket.

Rice is expected to give a private foreign policy briefing to those in attendance. Invitees include all 29 Republican female members of Congress and more than 20 female candidates who are running in the 2012 year.

Dan Kazan

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