Sarah Palin Energizes at CPAC

Sarah Palin is at it again.  During the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) yesterday in Washington, Palin wooed her supporters and energized the crowd.  After chanting “USA, USA!” in response to some protesters who were yelling “Mic-check!,” Palin then said, “We just won – see how easy that is,” as the protestors were escorted out of the room.

Palin managed to garner the largest reaction of any of the CPAC speeches and the audience even got on their feet yelling, “Run Sarah Run!”  Targeting Obama, of course, during her speech, Palin said that our economic failures in America aren’t "a failure of the American people," but that it is "…the failure of leadership. We know how to change that, oh yes we do. Oh yes we can.”

Mocking Obama’s campaign lines, she said,

"Hope and change – yeah, you gotta hope things change."

While she hasn’t endorsed any candidate, she has certainly created quite a following for herself.  She told the crowd that,

"For the sake of our country we must stand united, whoever our nominee is."

She might be unimpressive in leadership, and sound like a complete idiot on policy issues, but she sure can get a crowd going – for what that’s worth!

Dan Kazan

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