Sarah Palin is Back on the Bus Again

If you live in the East Coast – get ready for Sarah Palin! Palin launched a tour of the East Coast. SarahPAC, Palin’s political action committee, announced on Thursday that Palin would tour historical sites that are important to the United States. Her tour will include stops in New Hampshire, the politically important state for the next election.

Palin Coming to Washington

She will be at the Rolling Thunder event for Memorial Day in Washington D.C., when motorcycle-riding veterans converge at the National Mall in Washington.SarahPAC is keeping quiet on other stops that she plans to make along the way, although they did say that the plans to be in New Hampshire. This has added speculation that she is preparing to run for president.

GOP Nomination

Political insiders are saying that her re-emergence will affect the race for the GOP nomination, as those who might already be decided may wait to see how the dust settles and could make Republican donors and party leaders hold back on aligning with another candidate for the time being.As Fergus Cullen, former Republican party chairman in New Hampshire said,

“She’s a threat to everyone.”

The Mystery Thickens

This tour comes at a time when Palin seems to be gearing up for something. She recently purchased a $1.7 million house in Scottsdale, Arizona, giving her an operational base in the lower 48 states. She rehired two logistics aids that she had dismissed, and she appears to be finishing a full-length feature film about her time as governor.A Palin confidant said that he is 95% sure that she won’t actually run for the presidency.As Kevin Smith, director of Cornerstone Action, a conservative think tank in New Hampshire, said, “He just got rid of Trump, who had sucked up all the oxygen. Now all of a sudden Palin starts stirring the pot.”

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