Romney Campaigns in Coal Country on the Energy Issue

Campaigning in Beallsville, Ohio, Mitt Romney hit Obama hard on the energy issue in the heart of one of the most crucial swing states and a major source of coal in the United States.

Romney offered to “tell the truth” about his position on the development of energy resources in the Unites States, unlike President Obama. Accusing Obama of hedging on where he stands on fossil fuels and not being upfront about his position to veer towards renewable energy sources like wind and sun, Romney insisted that if he were president he would not hesitate to develop all sources of energy available in the US.

Romney insisted that Obama would “make America more like Europe,” and then wondered if Europe even “works in Europe.”  Romney, on the other hand, wants to make “America more like America.” The Republican presidential hopeful then went on to quote Vice President Joe Biden, saying,

“His vice president said coal is more dangerous than terrorists. Can you imagine that?” Romney said to a large crowd of coal miners. “This tells you precisely what he actually feels and what he’s done and his policies over the last three- and-a-half years have put in place the very vision he had when he was running for office.”

Also on the campaign trail was Romney’s newly picked running mate Paul Ryan in Lakewood, Colorado. Ryan stated there that Obama is trying his best to “make it harder for us to use our own energy.”

Speaking at a high school, Ryan explained that Obama has a “cap-and-trade” agenda which is “designed to make energy more expensive. His EPA has given us an unprecedented barrage of burdensome regulations. He has ten different agencies and 4 executive offices regulating hydraulic fracturing. We think Coloradans know how to take care of this themselves. We want you to decide.”

Ryan then went on to discuss the high price of gasoline and its effect on the middle class.

“You know, last week when I was filling my truck up– something tells me I’m not going to be putting gas in my truck any time soon – last week when I was filling my truck up it cost $100 bucks,” said Ryan. “The only reason it cost $100 bucks is because the pump cut me off at $100, I didn’t even fill the gas tank. Enough! We have our own oil and gas. We have nuclear; we have all of the above. Wind, solar, coal, let’s use it. Let’s make our own energy.”

Dan Kazan

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