Rubio on a Fundraising Roll

Marco Rubio
Marco Rubio

Marco Rubio seems to be coming around the stretch hard and steady, posting his best fundraising quarter since he began his bid for the presidency in the upcoming US elections.

The senator from Florida raised close to $14.2 million from October to December 2015, outpacing by a factor of two the amount collected in the previous three months.

Unfortunately, he had to spend more than that to counter a flurry of negative advertising aimed at him, mostly from the Jeb Bush and Ted Cruz campaigns. Rubio seems satisfied with his financial situation.

“We’re not the leading fundraiser in this race,” Rubio said to journalists on Friday while campaigning in Muscatine, Iowa. “I knew when I got in this race that the establishment money in Washington had chosen to go in a different direction. I didn’t feel we needed to have the most money. I just felt we needed to have enough money, enough resources to get our message out.”

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