Roberto Unger Lashes Out at Obama with Video

Roberto Unger

Certainly, the President of the United States is used to taking his share of criticism. It’s got to hurt, however, when that criticism comes from a close advisor – and one who helped you to get elected in 2008.

Harvard Law Professor Roberto Unger has recently posted a video on YouTube explaining, in painful detail, why he believes the President should not get to a second term in office.  He was a constant advisor to President Obama during the campaign in 2008, but has since changed his tune dramatically.

In his video “Beyond Obama,” he explains that Obama’s economic plan for the US is based on “financial confidence and food stamps.”  He continues by saying that Obama “has spent trillions of dollars to rescue the moneyed interests and left workers and homeowners to their own devices.”

While Unger is certainly left-leaning, he said that if Mitt Romney comes to office, “there will be a cost… in judicial and administrative appointments,” but clearly indicates that the cost will be worth the price.

Unger isn’t just a disgruntled campaign backer of Obama’s. He is a respected author who has published dozens of books; he’s a Harvard Law professor who has been on faculty since 1976; he’s also a well-known politician in Brazil who has run for president of Brazil twice and has been their Minister of Strategic Affairs.

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